Who We are

Vides Ireland voluteering group

VIDES is about helping the young.

Thousands of young adults worldwide are opting to make a difference.

VIDES Ireland is part of an International Voluntary Organisation, which promotes voluntary service – the focus being on protection of human rights, specially women and young people world wide.

What does VIDES Mean?

V Voluntary
I International
D Development
E Education
S Service

VIDES began its work in Europe in 1987

  • Constituted in 1990
  • On April 23, 1991, it became an “International Non-Profit Association ” (NGO).

VIDES is present in:

  • 13 countries in Europe
  • 5 countries in Asia
  • 13 countries in North America and in Latin America
  • And operates through local groups and the international head office.

What does Salesian mean?

To be ‘Salesian’ means to follow Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello’s way of ‘being’ and ‘working with’ young people – (Salesian Methodology). Salesians recognise the importance of ‘journeying’ with, encouraging and supporting young people. We believe and see the potential in each individual and through formal and informal education we set out to empower young people to be true to themselves, reach their full potential and to be the protagonists in building a better world.

What are the core values of VIDES?

– Empowerment through Education

– Salesian Ethos

– Responsible Volunteering

– Human Rights

– Solidarity with Others