European Meeting in Rome 2015

9th Nov


European Meeting in Rome 2015
VIDES Delegates at European Meeting October '15

VIDES Delegates at European Meeting October ’15

Sr. Dympna attended this at the beginning of October.

The meeting, in addition to responding to the needs and statutory obligations of the association,has always been a crucial moment of exchange, sharing and entertainment among the delegates of the Vides and volunteers.

The Meeting was opened by Sr. Leonor Salazar and Guido Barbera, Director and President Vides International.


 Some points from the talks:

•Both Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello looked at their reality and responded in a specific way

 We are asked to do the same today – Being Salesians and Salesian VIDES volunteers our concern is mainly for young people and we must be guided by Gospel values

• In our work  we must be attentive to the whole person and see the potential in each one

We are asked to have confidence in our young people and allow them the space and time to deveop their skills and encourage them to give of themselves and share their talents

•Things were not easy for Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello. Italy was in a state of chaos politically.   Catholics were marginalised and like today there was a lot of indifference and church attendance was poor. But both of them wanted a faith that was relevant to the people.  They wanted people to see that faith affects all aspects of social and personal life and society.  They through education, wanted to help young people attain a dignified life. Don Bosco’s main helpers were other young adults.

We, today must see what are the main challenges affecting our society and especially our young people and discern how to respond.

•Societies are either good or bad according to the condition of our young people.

Don Bosco wanted young people to be happy.  He wanted them to be good christians and honest citizens. He was motivated by genuine loveWhat motivates me?  Young people are our treasure and the treasure of every society.

“Commitment to their education (education of the whole person: physical,spiritual, mental, phychological) is the best investment for everyone, besides being the nobles art.”

This theme calls on us as VIDES members , and  Salesian Sisters to reach out to those who are  the most vulnerable and on the peripheries whether here at home or in the Mission fields. 


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